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ERP Software Consultancy is a specialized company, a partner who thinks along with you and, above all, also helps. You can implement our advice independently or ask us to actually achieve the formulated results together with your organization. We are used to realizing improvements and savings together with your organization. We are independent and not affiliated with suppliers.


Ton Veenhof

Founder Foneem BV

I have worked as software vendor with Rense for a period of 6 years. The combination of his skills (experience in enterprise software deals, honesty, clever deal structures, planning and stakeholder mgmt) is unrivalled. In each of our agreements Rense managed to surprise me and my team in the purchasing process in a constructive manner. I know from experience his skills are rare to find.

Bart Vloet

Senior Delivery Manager at Rabobank​

I have had the pleasure to work with Rense in several contract negotiation processes on SAP and Oracle.
If you need an expert in SAP licensing and software contracts in general, you should involve Rense. Besides his strong knowledge of SAP, he is also a very strong and creative negotiator.

Toine Straathof

Digital Transformation Officer at TRS Alpha B.V.

I have worked as senior manager and contract owner with Rense for a period of 10 years. His creativity in negotiations delivers a high level of customer satisfaction and TCO results. If you are looking for the top in software management, I advise you to hire Rense for your next (software) agreement.  


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